A charitable allowance empowers your kids to change the world
with charitable dollars they can give to charity.

Choose Your Amount

You’ll deposit the charitable
allowance into a Family Giving
Group, which is like a bank
account just for charity.

Choose Your Cause

Choose a cause your family cares
about. Your Family Giving Group
lets you give to any Canadian
charity — or charities

Invite Friends & Family

Your Family Giving Group
enables you to invite friends and
extended family to join you in
giving to charity.

Meet Felix & Jasper

Felix likes science and Jasper likes colouring. And they both like giving
to causes they care about. To make giving fun and easy, their parents set
up a charitable allowance for them.

  • Sharing your giving habits with your family and friends makes the experience more rewarding and impactful.
  • When children see generosity modelled, they are more likely to be generous themselves.
  • Start with what you care about. The best way to engage your family in charity is to start with the causes that interest you or problems that bother you.
Explore What Causes Matter To Your Family

Everyone should have a safe home. Be a part of ending homelessness


Start protecting our environment today and for future generations.


Help people with health or addiction issues and invest in life-saving research.


Science helps us cure diseases and understand our world better.


From shelters to wildlife preservation: Start protecting animals today.

  • “Tap into your children’s interest and passions when selecting a charity to support. Be creative and find a charity connected to whatever they like.”
    Taslim Jaffer
    Mom to three kids aged 1, 4 and 7
  • “We let our son babysit three times a week, or cut some grass, or do other chores around the house, so that he can reach his savings goal and his charitable goal.”
    Willie Cromack
    Dad to three kids aged 11, 7 and 5
  • “Charitable giving can’t just happen at Christmas. Choose a few times a year to get involved in charity, and then it will become ingrained.”
    Jen Schaeffers
    Mom to two kids aged 2½ and 5½

Imagine a brighter future. Let’s make it happen.

Charitable Impact empowers Canadians to give to or fundraise for any charity of the more than 85,000 across Canada.

For more information, visit www.charitableimpact.com.
Your place for giving, your way, with our support.

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