About the Canadian Charity Impact Fund

The Canadian Charity Impact Fund allows you to donate with confidence, knowing that your donation is actually making a difference.

Our Canadian Charity Impact Fund (CCIF) is a donation portfolio that pools donations and delivers them to 10 high-impact charities. We’ve selected the following 10 charities based on their “Social Return on Investment”

About Charity Intelligence

Our approach to charitable giving is different. Just as a financial analyst researches potential stocks to find the best investment opportunities, Ci uses similar research methods to find exceptional charities for donors. As a result, donors have the tools they need to give better and get higher returns on their donations - donations based on evidence.

Imagine a brighter future. Let’s make it happen.

Charitable Impact empowers Canadians to give to or fundraise for any charity of the more than 85,000 across Canada.

For more information, visit www.charitableimpact.com.
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